Healing Essential Oils

The holiday season is here and as much as we love it it can be extremely busy which can leave us feeling run down and vulnerable to catching colds and flus.  I recently attending an event at a friends house to learn more about essential oils and their healing benefits. 
The event left me inspired to try to be more proactive with my health and try to use essential oils more in my daily routine.  Thanks Cara!

I have always been curious about where they come from and how they work.  I have used essential oils for some time now in my diffuser to help me sleep at night and also when needed, to help ease my stress level.  When I work from home I’ll often choose a selection of oils to use in my diffuser but I would generally choose the scent on how I was feeling and what smelled good at the time.  It’s not a wrong way to do it because your body can tell you what you need and what good for you at the time but with more research and mixing the correct oils together, these oils can be used to not only smell wonderful but can be medicinal as well.

Everyone response is different to smells and your needs change. Which is what I love about essential oils. One day I’ll put together a combination and it will the most glorious scent and then the next day it could smell like my son’s hockey bag – again your body knows what your needs are at the time.

I have been a certified Reflexologist for many years but once my children were born I didn’t have much time to spare to treat patients.  Over the past year my work life and personal life have pulled me in many directions and I find myself drawn towards a need for balance.  I still give my family and friends treatments and I always include a selection of my favourite oils they can choose from to enrich their treatment.  I have included a few on my website that you can shop that might be helpful for you.

I would like to share a few essential oil combinations that were shared with me and hopefully helpful to you this time of year to combat colds and flus and low energy.  As much as this can be a wonderful time of year – you may also be feeling a bit blue so here is a combination that can be uplifting.

Cold & Cough

Lemon , Tea Tree, Peppermint & Orange Essential Oils


Lavender, Bergamot, Orange & Sandalwood Essential Oils

I also use Lavender to help me sleep and reduce stress in general!

Tip: Try adding these oils to Epsom salts for your bath – makes a great gift idea as well! My friends had a holiday gift making party with this idea and I loved it!

Scented candles can be toxic so you may want to avoid those and for the holidays try adding cinnamon and orange together in your diffuser – makes your home smell wonderful!

There is so much to learn about Aromatherapy.  They can do so much to support and heal our immune system as well as rid our bodies for toxins that cause disease.

Thanks again to my friends for helping me on a path to wellness and the things I am passionate about.

Give these a try and let me know what you think??  Share your stories with me in the comment section or on my Facebook page.   For those of you who also follow me on Reflexology Facebook page – thank you! You can also follow me here Foot Pathways 

Best Wishes!