Changing My Relationship With Food

I always considered myself a healthy eater. Loving all things green and rich in favour but I do admit that somewhere along the line trying to follow diets, no carb, no fat etc has had me so confused!

Everyone always says eat in moderation and you will be fine but with growing waistlines and worries about hormones in meat & milk, wheat & peanut allergies, mercury in fish, you start to think what in the world are we eating anyway! My kids have had milk – far too much I feel but it’s challenging to find things they like and can take to school. Β It almost feels like everyday it’s cheese – macaroni & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese strings etc. Otherwise the lunch comes home and it’s thrown in the garbage. Β I have for a while now wanted to eliminate some of these things from their diet and from mine to see if we can improve our health and well being. A co-worker of mine told us to come to VegFest and check out the Vegan lifestyle. Β 


I learned a great deal and we are starting to make simple changes to our diet. I’m not sure that I could become vegan however I have increased my vegetable intake a great deal and looking to create lots of new healthy recipes. Take a look at some of these yummy vegan treats! Cookies made with no eggs or milk!Β 

Vegan Bacon Donuts and a Cashew Cheese!

Check back with us on our journey – I’ll keep you posted.




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