Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

This time of year everywhere you look are pumpkins pumpkins and more pumpkins! Pie pumpkins are perfect for well...pie but also for muffins, soups or casseroles! Did you know that canned pumpkin actually contains more squash than pumpkin? So you if have the chance try getting the real thing- it is actually easy to prepare!   Just bake them in the oven and once cooked scoop-out the ... Read the Post

Getting Fall Ready!

Fall is so festive! Decorating the porch is something we do every year. So much fun!  Pumpkins always give the porch that seasonal feeling and this year we decided to try out white pumpkins! We will likely add some orange ones closer to Halloween but the white pumpkins work so well with any colour you add along the way. We also picked up some faux pumpkins from @homesense so we could use them year ... Read the Post

DIY Chandelier

I've been searching for a new light fixture to add to our bedroom but I was hoping to not spend a lot money.  While searching online I found an old chandelier with beautiful crystals however the light fixture was dated and had little lamp shades on the ends but it got me thinking - what if I just painted it!!  I love the white crackle paint - shabby chic look so off to work I went. I removed the ... Read the Post