Family Holiday Time

The holidays were jammed packed this year! Kids were busy with hockey and volleyball which has us on the road constantly but we just managed to find time to decorate the house and enjoy some family time. It was such a hectic schedule between work and kids but the holidays are so magical so I find it just so much fun! We always spend the holidays between my family and my in-laws. It’s a great ... Read the Post

No Fail Banana Bread

We all buy big bunches of bananas with the best intentions and then before you know it they are too ripe! You can, of course, use them up for smoothies but for a tasty treat - who doesn't love banana bread!! Banana bread is a quick and easy treat - delicious in your kid's lunches and it can be cut and frozen into a freezer bag so you always have a quick snack on hand - and healthy! When you bake ... Read the Post

Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

This time of year everywhere you look are pumpkins pumpkins and more pumpkins! Pie pumpkins are perfect for well...pie but also for muffins, soups or casseroles! Did you know that canned pumpkin actually contains more squash than pumpkin? So you if have the chance try getting the real thing- it is actually easy to prepare!   Just bake them in the oven and once cooked scoop-out the ... Read the Post